Saturday, 27 October 2012

marriage? at this age ?

few hours ago, told ya they asked me 'bout marriage.
my dear friends asked me. 
and i was like.. oh ok now.. 
what to answer ?
and i cant be certain with this sort of question .
perhaps it could be 2,3 years from now.

me realising that they can't wait for my "nasi minyak" .
i wont disappointed u guys.
but the time has not come, yet .
perhaps it will be, soon .

friend of mine asking me this and it's really errr....
how could me answer this .
"engkau kan dah nak mendirikan masjid.bile boleh rase nsi mnyak?!"

it will be. InsyaAllah. one fine day.

marriage isnt for a day.
 it covers ur whole follows ur whole life.
 i wont take any risk w/ early marriage .
but it doest a big offense for early marriage couple.
indeed, it's way better . a good thing. a wise decision.

just, i'm a bit afraid w/ the fact that i'm not ready yet .
i'm not perfectly 120% ready yet .
everyone wants a happy-ever-after marriage .
till Jannah :)

by the time, i am really impressed w/ early marriage couple.
how could they manage their life.
even after they have child .
might be hard .

that's why i said before, i'm impressed. for those who can manage their marriage well.
well done, people .

early marriage have it's own pro and con.
and it depends, on individual. 
ur life, it's ur choice then .
don't let it end up divorce.

and to myself, i guess that i'd better prepared myself first 
before i go through this serious complicated situation .

p/s : 
“If I get married, I want to be very married.” 
― Audrey Hepburn


  1. Betul..kena betul2 bersedia..nak kahwin seumur hidup.Bukan sehari je..wish u all the best,kot la kahwin tak lama lagi kan.hehe..=)

  2. Kahwin muda atsu tua...yg penting tanggungjawab