Monday, 24 September 2012

thank you Miss :D

3rd semester had come to the end .
next week, we're gonna sit for final paper .

this semester brought such a nice, wonderful ,awesome things in ma life .
this semester is really mean .

i get to know my friends better, get to study better, manage my schedule better as well as pocket money .
see ? me had improved a lot in better side .

and i used to know life better .

this is what i wanna show u, a hope, an advice from our beloved lecturer to her dear students.
a must read.

this had been posted into our facebook group .
take and stamp it here . hewhew.

cc : Miss Suraya Cheong Alberto 

Dear heart & soul……….
14 weeks is almost over.. I would like to say thank you.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… It’s been 14 weeks we spend time together but it feels like I just know all of you yesterday.
Dear OM2B… Thank you.. Thank you.. and thank you… I am proud with all of you.. Choral speaking was a great memory rite?? We got third place but we celebrate it like we are the first.. hahaha… I will never forget all of you.. You made me smile and cry.. Yes!!! We are ants and we are proud to be!!! I will always proud of you my little ants…. 
Dear AC3C… Thank you so much… I don’t know how to say how much I owe you… It seems like a simple thanks is just not enough… I really appreciate all your effort towards the short film. I am really proud of you… Don’t know 
how I can repay for all the effort… Thanks for spending some of your time to do the short film even though all of you are busy with your studies… We did not win it but to me, You are my CHAMPION!!!
It is not easy to be an educator.. but, I tried my best to accommodate my students’ needs. I’m so sorry if I can’t be like your other lecturers who are caring and loving… But trust me, I tried my best… You are like my brothers and sisters. Please forgive me if I ever hurt all of you. Sorry for all the naggings… I nag because I love you.. I want all of you to be a successful person.
Dear students, you are like flowers that are waiting to be bloom… You are like caterpillars that are waiting to turn to be butterflies. Now, each of you is a flower that already bloom and also a butterfly… Keep flying… Fly, Fly and Fly… Never look back..
Remember, ‘Knowledge will never let you down’ and remember, ‘A tree falls where it leans. Becareful which way you lean.’
Appreciate every moment that you have.. Use every second wisely and never regret with what you have choose. Good luck with your final exam. My prayers will always be with you… forever and ever… LOVE YOU!!

p/s: Dalam hidup nie…
‘Jangan hanya melihat tetapi perHATI… Pastikan setiap apa yang kamu perhati membawa Hati kamu kepada ilahi’…..

and we, AC 3C feel really proud  having u as our BEL lecturer. 
we are sorry that we could't be the winner for short film but still, 
we are your champion right ?

and thanks for making our days full of cheer * big applause

to be honest, we are the one who owes you, a lot .
we wish that you will stay healthy and cute as you are now :P
and plus here, waiting for your big day. harr harr :D

in future, we do hope that u'll still here to be with us but the chance is slight  :'(
don't worry, u are still our best lecturer :D
and it will always be.

i have no idea what more to talk about .

last but not least.
Miss Suraya, you are the most wonderful lecturer we ever have.
u bring us to better side, to be a better person with all your advice.
this makes we love u more and more and more .

please nailed our memory in your heart so that it will remained there forever :D 
and by the way, thanks for the cake. it tastes good. 
are you really made it yourself ? * joking 


proudly told ya, this is our big family .
the speaky one that wearing black tudung is our beloved Miss Suraya.
long live Miss Suraya Cheong Alberto !!
May Allah Bless <3


  1. english for academic purpose nie kira macam TESL jugak ke ? BTW , nie kat universiti mne erk ?

    1. Lebih kurang lah. untuk Diploma UiTM, English subject kiteorang panggil BEL.

  2. Best dapat support cikgu macam tu yek!!

    1. memang best . lg best kalau sporting . rasa macam satu family.