Monday, 27 August 2012

i'm just nervous.

hye there, Mr. Bloggie.
sorry for ignoring you for such a long time. again, my bad.

it had been a week after mid semester break .
and enough with Eid, i am now focusing more in study.
truth be told, feeling of afraid and nervous imagining that i am not ready yet, indeed i am not prepared myself any single thing for any subject, obviously is there.

though i still have time 'bout one month before the real final exam but yeah for sure, its not that i could put myself in a comfort zone actually.time flies.

for accounting students( especially me ), last minute study is a big damn cause it happened to me, in previous semester and the pointer is "excellent", as a result.

and i won't, i won't, and wouldn't do the same silly big mistake, AGAIN .

what happened in past is a worth lesson T.T

recently i'm too busy with assignments,as well as quizzes and i realize that there are many or perhaps tonne of them that are still in progress and not to-be-done yet. sometimes i'm really pissed off with those kind of things but then, it's a part from my responsibility as a student. Alhamdullilah, i could adapt the situation well.

it's almost 7.00pm and i'm.. errr.. what on earth that is so smelly here?
ok, get to go now. please myself, perform your Maghrib solah .

till then, Assalamualaikum Mr.Bloggie and YOU who read this-whatever-entry :)

p/s: giving my very own self some motivation by saying- Believe in Allah,all is well :D smile !

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

this coming Eid.

 I miss u.
I miss u.
truly,deeply,damn much.
i don't know how the first Eid will be without u.

we will give u a visit.
i will recite u Yassin.

u know what ?
i miss u.
every single minute.
every single second.

all i can is this, Al-Fatihah.
grandma, i miss u.

Allah, please take care of her.
because i'm pretending now that i can live a happy life without her by my side.
lend me her strength while she was with us.

let her rest in peace there,
let her be among those who believe in You.

Nenek, i will keep my promise.
things that i regret the most is
i doesn't get any chance to say this: